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Hemp Protein Powder 500g

Hemp Protein Powder 500g

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  • Please view product details for Australian Regulations

  • Our high quality protein is made in New Zealand (Australian Protein coming soon!)using NO heat. The process is a complicated mechanical sieving processto ensure that you get as much protein as possible in the most naturalway.

    Our hemp protein powder contains all the amino acids in great proportions and as well as being voted the best raw protein, it is the best vegan protein and plant based protein known to man!

    Our latest product is this high quality plant based vegan hemp protein. Containing all the amino acids this is notthe ‘hemp protein flour’ you may have tried before – this is a superfine grade of super hemp seed nutrition. Recommended by the best bodybuilders and trainers world-wide as a preference to soy or pea proteinfor it’s quality and taste.

    Hemp protein is an ideal VEGAN and VEGETARIAN and, unlike pea proteinand whey protein, supports a truly sustainable Australian hemp industryfor food, fibre, fuel, paper, building and bioplastics.

    Is it locally sourced?

    We have launched a new hemp protein product that is locally sourced.Unlike the ‘hemp flour’ which some have labeled hemp protein, this is atrue protein focused product that is very fine.

    Is it raw and totally vegan?

    Yes, our plant based product is made using a mechanical process only.

    Why should I try hemp protein over whey protein?

    Whey protein is not a natural product, and does not promote asustainable industry. The benefits of whey protein do not seem to beworth the cons.

    Why should I try hemp protein over soy protein?

    Soy has many problems not often known due to the large marketingspend by big corporations.

    Is your hemp a complete protein containing all the amino acids my body needs for a strong muscles and a healthy metabolism?

    Yes, and it contains all the essential amino acids in great quantities.

    An important aspect of hemp seed protein is a high content ofarginine (97mg/g protein) and histidine (23 mg/g protein), both of whichare important for growth during childhood, and of the sulfur containingamino acids Methionine (20 mg/g protein) and cysteine (16 mg/gprotein), which are needed for proper enzyme formation. Hemp proteinalso contains relatively high levels of the branched-chain amino acidsthat are important for the metabolism of exercising muscle. Hemp proteincontains over 61mg/g of protein of Leucine – higher than cashews or chia seeds.

    Please note that Australia is one of the few countries in the worldwhere hemp seed is not officially recognised as a human food. Foodstandards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) are currently preparingregulations to amend this. In the meantime, to comply with localregulations, the seeds must be labelled "Not licensed for internal usewithin Australia" or "Pet food only"

    While drug testing in most organizations is based primarily ondetection of minute amounts of THC (the drug active constituent in hemp)it may not be advisable to use hemp products as it is impossible toremove 100% of the trace amounts. It is likely below 0.0001% but thismay accumulate and cause detection.

 Hemp Protein Powder 500g

  • Your Price : $34.95  

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  • Please view product details for Australian Regulations

If you have any questions or would like to order by phone please call 02 9698 7539 or email

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