3 tips to enjoy your dehydrator more

Speed-up cleaning time

Washing your dehydrator trays and non-stick sheets can be a bit tricky in a standard kitchen sink. Laundry tubs are the perfect size for the square dehydrator trays. After washing it's best to hang the non-stick sheets on the washing-line as if they stick together mould can form. A quick alternative is to pop them back into the dehydrator and turn it on high for a few minutes until the sheets dry out.

Stop mould

If you are making a recipe that has high water content such as pizza or crackers, you can run the risk of mould forming if the dish doesn't dry out quickly and evenly. A great way to avoid this is to turn the dehydrator up to 140°F/60°C for 1-2 hours then reduce the temperature to 115°F/45°C for the remainder of the drying time. As the food has such high water content, the internal temperature of the food remains lower than the air temperature in the dehydrator and enzymes are not  destroyed.

Crispy food

If you want to make a dehydrator recipe crispy you can dehydrate for longer or alternatively reduce the oil content. It is only the water content of a food that dries during dehydrating so high oil content will prevent a dish from drying out.


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